Replace In Files Add-in for Visual Studio .NET

The Witzend ReplaceInFiles™ Add-in supercharges the Replace in Files command of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, providing one-step search and replace for all project files. The add-in merges seamlessly into the Visual Studio environment, installing a new Replace in Files command that makes global file revisions a snap, whether you work in C++, C#, or Visual Basic.

Visual C++ user? You’ll want to check out the original VC++ version instead.
Same speed, same great features: ReplaceInFiles for Visual C++ 5 and 6


The Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in vastly improves Visual Studio’s ability to search and replace in project source files. The ReplaceInFiles Add-in attaches so transparently to the Visual Studio environment that the only outward change to Visual Studio is a new Witzend Replace in Files command added to the environment’s Tools menu. Simply choose the command to activate the ReplaceInFiles Add-in. Behind the scenes, the Add-in communicates with Visual Studio via COM interfaces.

The ReplaceInFiles Add-in offers a wealth of features that give you plenty of control over the search process:

  • Date and size filters — You can restrict a search to files within a specified range of size or date. For example, search and replace only in those files between 10K and 50K in size and dated within the last month.

  • Case sensitivity and whole-word searching — Case sensitivity and whole-word searching. Specify case sensitivity (find Abc but not abc) and whole-word filters (find any but not anywhere).

  • Confirm replacements — The ReplaceInFiles Add-in allows you to confirm each replacement before it is made. Each located string is shown highlighted in context, allowing you to click a Yes or No button to confirm or disallow the replacement.

  • Search multiple projects in a single step — Find yourself working with large solutions that contain many projects or subprojects? ReplaceInFiles intelligently recognizes multi-project solutions and quickly scans through all files in each project. For precise control, the Add-in's Project view lets you omit individual files from the scan.

  • Search any folder — The optional Browse view lets you search-and-replace anywhere, even in files that aren’t contained in a project. Navigate to where you want the search to begin and ReplaceInFiles does the rest. It can “drill down” through nested subdirectories, ensuring that all contained files are scanned.

  • Automatic file backup — ReplaceInFiles Add-in can automatically backup each file before revising it. The feature is intelligent, backing up only revised files and giving each the same name as the original file with a numeric addition.

  • Online help — The interface is very intuitive for the Visual Studio user, but if you have a question, an extensive online Users Guide is always available. Or you can activate the “question mark” button on the ReplaceInFiles dialog and click any feature for a detailed description.

  • Text that spans lines — Locate strings that start on one line and end on another.

  • Find non-printing characterss — Find text containing any ANSI character using normal C-style escape sequences like \n for newline and \t for tab.

  • Backup folder — Optionally store a project’s backup files in a single subfolder.

  • Condensed pathnames — Ensures you can always read a filename, no matter how long the path. A tooltip shows the complete path.

Technical Specifications

All of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in’s core functions are written in hand-optimized assembly language, ensuring minimum size and maximum speed. A hundred replacements in a dozen source files, for example, take less than a second on a typical mid-range machine.

The ReplaceInFiles Add-in communicates with Visual Studio using COM interfaces to merge with the environment. The add-in file is of very small size with a base address designed for rapid loading. All settings persist between Visual Studio sessions through the use of a small INI file.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions may also help answer any questions you may have.


Download a free evaluation copy of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in! It’s a fully functioning version that allows you to use the ReplaceInFiles Add-in as often as you wish for up to 30 days. Click here to download:

ReplaceInFiles Add-in for Visual Studio .NET (470K)

Close Visual Studio before running the Setup program. This ensures that when you restart Visual Studio, you’ll find the new Witzend Replace in Files command placed in the Visual Studio Tools menu, ready for use. The Setup program offers to display a Readme file. You should at least browse through the Readme, which contains interesting details about your new ReplaceInFiles Add-in.

Includes an uninstaller, activated through Add/Remove Programs.

NOTE This version of the ReplaceInFiles Add-in supports Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. If your programming environment is Visual C++, this is not the right version. You want its twin: ReplaceInFiles for Visual C++ 5 and 6



The Witzend ReplaceInFiles Add-in available for a one-time license fee of $39.95 US, which includes:

  • 30-day warranty
  • Free updates to next version
  • Free technical support throughout the warranty period
  • Complete on-line documentation

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Witzend Replace In FIles Add-in