Witzend Software provides high caliber contract programming services for firms like Microsoft, specializing in Windows, C/C++, assembly language, MFC, COM, and ATL. All our programs are well documented and rock steady. Consider the advantages of outsourcing all or part of your next software project to Witzend Software:

  • Simplicity — The ease of vendor out-sourcing
  • Space — We work at our office, not yours
  • Control — Your staff size remains the same
  • Quality assurance


We bring to your project a wide range of programming experience:

  • Windows applications
  • Visual C++, Visual Basic, and .NET
  • Dynamic link libraries
  • Microsoft Foundation Library (MFC)
  • ActiveX controls
  • Intel assembly language
  • OLE, COM, and ATL
  • Add-ins and macros
  • Optimazation
  • VBScript and JavaScript
  • Data compression
  • Debugging
  • User interfaces
  • HTML Object Model
  • Windows Shell
  • Internet Explorer component
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Search algorithms
  • OpenGL graphics

Contact us at to discuss your particular needs. For an information sheet that expands on this Web page, download the WitzInfo.doc file (25K).

Witzend Software